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#marchmeethemaker - A quick review...


Well… I set out to do the March meet the maker challenge that was set on Instagram which meant my follows could find out more about me, my work and grow in the community. 

I started off strong and engaged with other people using the hash tag. I posted every day for the first 10 days and then, what I thought would happen, I stopped! I really wanted to get involved the whole time but I didn’t plan my posts far enough ahead to have the right content. My downfall was not planning but this month I haven’t been making new content therefore I was really just recycling things from last year. 

Most likely a bit yawn for my followers but I wanted to get involved so I used what I had and on this occasion it just didn’t work out for me!

Although this really didn’t go to plan, the process has lead to follow new accounts, find more inspiration, and plan NEW PROJECTS.

 I have a few more commissions coming in for the next couple of months and I hope to get cracking on with them and also run some more personal work on the side.

Lizzie Downhill