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Free $30 Promo Instagram Credit - Did It Work?

Did it work? One of my posts on Instagram was doing really well and it popped up that Instagram was going to give me a free $30 for promotion as credit. I understand how promotions work but I didn’t know how successful they could be for me personal. My profile followers had been feeling a bit flat and I hadn’t really gained many new followers recently which was also part of the appeal.

Working for a digital marketing agency, our clients use things like this all the time to promote themselves and increase engagement bur due to not being on the social side, I never know the outcome.

FREE $30 credit I felt was silly to miss out on. I was taken back when I had to put my card details in, worried that I would have to pay but I went with it and it all worked out in the end anyways.

I went with really basic settings for the image and made it target the audience it suggested for me and just rolled with it for a week. It worked out spending $5 a day for 6 days. As the time went on each day I was getting more and more likes and even new followers that were organic. The activity on the post was CRAZY and I just wanted to show you the benefit.

Screen Shot

The impression reach was insane! I gained new followers and the total likes on the image ended up just over 300 which is almost basically 7 times MORE I would get on the average photo.

If Instagram gives you this privilege should you use it? - ABSOLUTELY.

Will I consider promoting my posts in the future? - ABSOLUTELY.

You never know until you try!

Lizzie Downhill