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Is profit at craft fairs everything?

Is profit everything?

Looking at my profit from my craft fair on Saturday 8th Sept and thinking should I be disheartened? I’m not shy to say that I didn’t manage to cover the cost of my table this weekend and that is a first. So how do I feel?

I had been going in with the expectation of selling majority of my stuff, making good pocket money and being happy with the outcome. Even though I didn’t really sell anything I still felt happy with my outcome. The event was advertised as a craft fair with around 10 - 12 different stalls with the fundraising organisers tombola and raffle for The Stray Animal Fund charity. Running along side this was a dog show which meant there were lots of lovely dogs throughout the day.

The foot fall was smaller than expected and maybe my work wasn’t suited to the audience but i knew my table cost was going towards the event as well as buying a few raffle and tombola tickets. I networked with a few people and sold a few items but overall the day was for a good cause which is why the profit didn’t matter.

The event raised £1500 in total for The Stray Animal Fund. It was for a great cause and I had a great day. It’s not all about the money, it’s about networking, attending events that will only lead to more opportunities

Don’t be disheartened. For me this is still a hobby and I enjoy the process of getting myself ready for these events, setting up and networking whilst I’m there. Making money is great but for me being in the early stages of these events, I know it’s not everything.


Lizzie Downhill