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After the Barley Mow Craft Fair – How did it go?

After the Barley Mow Craft Fair – How did it go?

After many weeks of prep for this craft fair, I am happy to say it went really well! Setting up was the trickiest part but I just wanted to make sure it looked good from a customer perspective and that prices and signs were easy to read. I took the most time on this, getting ready to set up an hour before the time of selling.


I was really happy with the look of my space. I used the range of house hold things for displays which I mentioned in my other blog post. These worked really well to show off my work in the best way possible.


The overall experience was great. Whilst sales and footfall was very slow, I spoke to some great people about their work, and some general chit chat. As well as this, I got invited to another craft fair in October, also in my local area. It goes to show, even if there isn’t much financial gain, it’s more important to make those connections with other people in the creative community as they are much more valuable.

I now have a better understanding of the functionalities of these events and now understand how best to approach the again. Being honest, there isn’t anything major I would do differently next time, but I will make a few tweaks and make a conscious effort to think about the run up to Christmas and make some new work appropriate to the season. It was a great experience overall and I feel blessed to be given the opportunity. 

- Lizzie

Lizzie Downhill